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As we all know, currently the game's additional objectives are quite repetitive and some are pretty buggy or unintuitive. Here are some of my ideas on how to increase the variety of these challenges.
1. Additional car restrictions
  a. Win/finish race with a car with performance point less than xxx
  b. Win/finish race with/without certain upgrades (both assembly parts and body parts)
  c. Win/finish race with certain paint jobs (kinda boring, but an idea nonetheless)
  d. Win/finish race with car heavier than xxx (or change this into other car specs like acceleration or handling)
  e. Win/finish race with a certain car (maybe not even initially in the same class)
2. Driving
  a. Win/finish race with no/less than x contacts
  b. Win/finish race with lap time xxx
  c. Win/finish race only taking a certain route (for tracks with multiple routes) (maybe this will be hard to be explained to the player without an image)
  d. Win/finish race with more/less than k overtakes (needs fixed starting position)
3. Wrecking
  a. Win/finish race/derby with more than x health points remaining
  b. Win/finish race/derby with certain parts (spoilers, front/rear bumper, hood, door, windshield etc.) still on the car
         can be used to encourage players to e.g. drive backwards in a derby or (obviously) race clean
  c. Win/finish race wrecking more/less than k fences/billboards/tire piles etc.
  d. Win/finish race/derby turning x cars upside down (mostly in derbies)
  e. Win/finish race/derby destroying k car parts (spoilers, bumper, etc.) (of other cars)
  f. Win/finish derby only hitting the side/front/back of other cars
It's fairly easy to detect the completion of most of these objectives. BTW, it would be better (and feel fairer) to enable the player to attempt one additional objective without restarting the whole tournament.

Some other suggestions:
1. make more 8-ball tracks
2. make more complex 8-ball tracks
3. improve UI (most importantly, the health bar and car damage indicator doesn't match with other parts)
4. sometimes I see floating parts on the track