Author Topic: Flatout 2 on Mac - LAN play sees the other game but game session no longer avail  (Read 1059 times)


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I have 2 Macs, no firewall, they can see each other on the LAN and both of them have Flatout 2 installed (got it from the App Store last week).

On the first Mac, I create a LAN game (just single default race) - all seems fine, the "Start Race" is disabled, which I assume stays disabled until another player has joined.

On the second Mac, I go into Multiplayer -> LAN -> Join Game, and the game from the first Mac correctly shows up:

1. my name        Race

So I click Select, and the little satellite dish icon sends out waves, but after a few seconds, an error message pops up "This game session is no longer available."

After pressing Esc, the game from the first Mac definitely still shows there, and even if I "Refresh", it's still there.

I would be really grateful if someone could help me fix this - Flatout 2 is the absolute best, awesome car game I've ever played and with multiplayer it would be incredible!

If it involves some work to fix this problem, like a patch, I'd be happy to pay for it - it means that much to me!  Thanks ;-)

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