Author Topic: Server needs 2 restarts for mod changes to happen  (Read 168 times)

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If you enable/disable a mod(s) from config and start the server with the .bat file or /restart command, the enable/disable of the mod(s) won't take effect on the first try. It only takes effect on the second time.

So for example I enable a mod from the server config with mod=my_mod, save the config and close it. Then I do the exit command in the server console. Then I start the server through the star_server.bat. I do the ? command in the server console and it shows the mod=my_mod. I go in game server browser and also the server browser shows that there's (1 MOD). But I can join the server without any mods normally. The reason is that the server isn't actually running any mods...

If I just do the the /restart command after config changes it's also the same as above. The server needs two times /restart command for it to actually have effect.

So it seems like /restart or launch the server are needed two times. It's bit weird that just restarting or closing the server and opening it again doesn't actually load everything correctly.

I haven't tried if this thing is actually true for every config change. The mods is kind of annoying when you think you've mods on/off and even the console and server shows it that way, but the reality is the opposite.
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I have seen servers in the list with 1 mod, but they are not red X when I'm looking at server list with my stock game.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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