Author Topic: MudDigger Engine Sound Bug  (Read 237 times)


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MudDigger Engine Sound Bug

MudDigger's engine sound sometimes goes silent. This bug is similar to the Dominator's when it was first introduced, and for me, it's only been happening during online. I'll test a bit more offline, but so far it's been fine there.
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My warwagon went silent on me Sat night ( more than one race ) and think happen once before on a Sat night online.

I tried do some testing today, offline on 3 different tracks, hear engine. Went online with player host and a bunch of  bots, did few tracks, still hear engine. Then went to BC Bangers, did 3 races and no lost of engine sound with the warwagon.

So unable to reproduce bug.
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Should be fixed in the next update, but we need more testing to be 100% certain.