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Server lags if not restarted after hosting a busy evenings races
If a server is not restarted daily (just the server process, not the hardware) after a busy 8 or 9 hours of races, multiple players will complain of unusual lag spikes. The longer the server is not restarted the more apparent the problem becomes.
The server process does not use any extra RAM or CPU time when compared to a freshly restarted server. Only difference i can see is the length and size ( <200KB usually) of the chat log.
I have also felt the odd lag spikes when playing on servers besides my own. It doesn't seem to be ping related. Playing as host with minimal ping has the same problem.

Unsure if this is related, but the greater number of steam TCP sync errors there are, the more bugged the server console window will get ( large gaps between entries mostly, sometimes not showing the last few hours of entries).

Again, not sure if related, the number of ping timeouts seems to have increased since the April hotfix 2, with the occasional mass timeout of all players, with 1 or 2 left connected sometimes.

Not sure what useful screenshots i could provide, please advise.
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+1 trabb i have the same issue.
Ive also noticed a bug with update frequency using console. When changing to frequency=low from high the console outputs that it has been changed,but when you check its status with '?' it hasnt changed.
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weird, when i type a ? it doesn't show me the update frequency.. I'm sure it used to!

i run it on high update frequency, fewer people complain of lag when the races get messy it seems.
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It not a PING thing.

I get like 30 PING to Trabb BC Bangers server and few nights ago, I was there with about 15 players and we were getting a small lag spike for like less than a sec, but enough you could feel it effect your steering especially in a turn. I use a wheel.
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