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There are so many ideas for new tracks and landscapes. Just look at other games, at flat out 1 and 2 or just in the most popular mods for Wreckfest, there are such great tracks! I do not understand why the same (sometimes boring) routes are involved in the game ever since. Always a new route is so lame. I want to see exciting new worlds and roads with even more elements on and off the track that breaks down !!! :)
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Bugbear went more for a simulation than an arcade. That is why most tracks are boring with no cross path or crashy path.

There is some tracks mod for better tracks such as : trackfest, 8 o rama, purple 8 tracks
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I'm sure one of the reasons why there were all these props scattered on and off the track in the FlatOut games was because you earned boost when you hit them.

Now since boost wasn't included as an overwhelming amount of people here were against it; these props would pretty much do nothing but destroy your car much faster. FlatOut 1 did give you extra cash for prop damage you caused; but it wasn't all that rewarding.
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