Author Topic: 12 Hour Live Stream Release Day  (Read 357 times)


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On Thursday 14th June 2018  - 11am until 11pm GMT


All to celebrate Wreckfest official release on PC!!!

We are all so happy that the game is nearing the final stages and can not wait to play that final build! so lets get together and make it great!

You also have a chance to win a copy of Wreckfest!

Join us in Discord and In Server, we may also run our new stream game mode - Smash "N" Grab!

You can follow my channel and be notified when i go live

Smash "N" Grab


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Very cool. I play this game in 14 June too! You say in Stream on which Server you drive and we can drive together! :)
I am FabiEnz in Wreckfest! :)


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The server i will be on before the update/release is "All Out Madness TADS Gaming LIVE" server but after the update/release it all depends on what servers are updated fast.

I look forward to seeing you on server and battling with you :)