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So this is probably a really silly question.

Is it at all possible to add a totally separate model onto a default installed car through the games text files?  I guess similar to how some of the other car parts such as bumpers are done?  But something totally new?

I feel like the answer is probably no because the game isn't setup to add new meshes other than bumpers etc, but thought I'd ask those who know more about the files and config stuff.

As an example to what I'd like to do is cover up the tail light holes on the Road Slayer GT.  I have the mesh, but if I can't get it on the default car, I suppose I'll have to create a total new car.

If a totally new part is not possible, what about adding it as a bumper option? Where the in game menu would allow to select an option that contains the bumper and covers I created?

Thanks for any advice or info, its greatly appreciated. And I hope that above makes sense :/ :P
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Its kind of possible. When you export a car for game, any object with a #partX (x=0-9) tag in the name is split from the body model and put into its own .vhcl (model file). These .vhcl files are then referenced in the 'part' files (where you'd add a visual bumper etc,you can add/remove anything). There is also a database of all the chassis parts in body_meta, where any additions would need to be added.

You might have problems positioning your new object,deformations and mapping it without any overlapping UVs

Its very easy to do if you have the original model,not so easy without.
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Sweet, thats what I was hoping to hea, that its possible.

Thanks Sam, I'll keep working it and see what I come up with.

For now, I just have the sample RoadSlayer model in Blender and been messing with that.  Managed to create a sweet looking skin for it so far :)
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