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So I bought Wreckfest that in the hopes this will be fixed in the final build next week.

I have the Accuforce Pro V2 Wheel and Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals. I can't seem to get the pedals and the wheel working correctly. When I keybind the steering wheel (left and right), it won't allow me to also bind the throttle and brake pedals from the clubsport. When I move over to the Pedals, I can bind them, but the axis on the gas is the same as the steering wheel. So there's an overlap.

So I noticed when I drive and hit the gas, it turns right, and when I release the throttle, it turns left. At the same time the steering wheel is also somewhat turning the wheel. So there's a clear conflict there.

Does anyone have a fix for this issue yet?


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My setup has 4 USB inputs : My SimuCUBE (direct drive) wheel, SLI-Pro button input, Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals & Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter (in H-Pattern Mode). Wreckfest successfully detects all inputs, and in the Controller and Advanced they are seen as separate inputs.

The trick is you need to map each input separately to the inputs ("controllers") that they are for. My SimuCUBE is only mapped to Steer Left and Steer Right. CSR Elite Pedals are only mapped to Gas, Brake & Clutch. TH8A to each the manual gears. And SLI-Pro buttons to other inputs (look left/right/back, reset, menu controls, etc). You also need to do this for the Advanced settings menu... SimuCUBE for FFB and steering sensitivity/deadzone, CSR Elite for pedals sensitivity/deadzone, etc.

(Tip : C on keyboard clears all inputs for selected controller/input... always do this, except on keyboard inputs, and then map your controllers)

I personally run my wheel at 540 degrees, appears 1:1 to wheel animation.

EDIT: Images to help others -
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AccuForce v1 not working for me either. Sometimes I can get the game to somewhat respond to input, but it's never in the correct ratio, or the wheel is 180 off. The FFB I do get makes the servo motor sound like it's grinding rocks.

Under settings it does see the wheel and allows me to assign the proper controls to it.

Hope this gets sorted out.