Author Topic: Ability to rename car?  (Read 267 times)


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I was wondering if Bugbear would include something like ability to rename cars? It would show in multiplayer as well! The idea comes from ability to rename weapons in Fallout 4, which makes it more.. personal to get attached to weapons and I thought that would be cool feature.

Also another feature is allowing player to buy more than one type of the same car. Basically I want to have two Warwagons, one for crashing (tough), and one for racing (speed).


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Nice idea, but then servers would be full of a$$destroyers, "your mother f*" and other sick names.


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Well, there's a possibility that we will be able to change numbers on cars later (a lot of people has been asking for it) and if this feature will be ever implemented to the game it wouldn't be so hard to use it also for adding our own text on the car (at least I hope so) that sounds better than renaming your car in UI and I will not have a problem with such names as a$$destroyer on someone's doors  ;)
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