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So, I tried scouring the iterwebs for advice/tutorials/suggestions/tips on UV Unwrapping for cars, but everything I was finding wasn't really helping. I'll still be looking but thought with a provided example, someone here can give some hint as to how to fix adjust this. And I do apologize for the noob question, but I'm still somewhat new to modeling and mapping :/

The left version (green) is the default from the example car provided by Bug Bear and the right is the same car with my unwrapping.  So, whilst this will work, it is kind of weird to actually texture that.
Does anyone have any idea how to get it like the left version?  I marked seams where the one on the left is, but its not really helping.  Is there more a limitation of how Blender handles unwrapping?  Even trying to do it in sections to piece together has the same result.

Bonus question: The in game car doesn't stretch textures on, for example the rear fender. However, when I use the same texture on BugBear example car in Blender, it then stretches down the fender. Is this something addressed in game with how it applies textures or is this something I'm doing with the mapping? Although, the mapping was unchanged :/

I appreciate all the help so far and hopefully someone can provide some insight here as I'm kind of banging my head on they keyboard.  If I can get this figured out, it will help with the rest of the textures, as well.
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