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Since Speedway 2 is such a great track with a lot of great routes here's an idea for another one - a Big Figure 8 (because we don't have a big 8 route atm and it's really not that hard to build one on speedway 2)

Remember how we loved the old speedway 2 derby arena on BIG open area where you could easly wreck everyone in top speed? (I heard from Janne that the old version will be back on full release, yay!)
Imagine something like that but on a racing track where everyone will be coming thru the cross section in high speed, here is the result:

Pretty cool right? 8)
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Surprised it hasnt become a route yet. Surprised it hasnt been halved and made into a tri-oval also

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Someone did, but they put a couple round abouts in.  :P

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