Author Topic: Wreckfest is out!  (Read 10624 times)


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The new music is surprisingly good!

The Italian translation is still kinda messed up, the "difficulty" tab in the pre-race screen is actually the grid order, a few text in general is still not translated as well.


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The game I've waited so long for and can't play it opening week.

Have to watch Incredibles 2 in theatres at every showing.

Just wait a week to reset leaderboards lol

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Congratulations on the launch! Can we get a leaderboard reset sometime soonish?

Also, the discord link isn't working for me either.

Awesome work, thanks!
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DLC is fixed for me now!
(steam bought deluxe)
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At last, it was so worth staying up just to see the game update.

Also I got the Master Blaster package back then; I still don't have my car :-\
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So pleased this has finally made it to release, gutted to have lost my progress in career...but then again cant say I wont enjoy doing it all over again....

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Wow that backer car is beautiful and so fast but there is something I don't like, it is too high from the ground counter to the others cars, anyway to fix this? Even with stiff suspension it's too high, maybe reduce the rear suspension would be cool and more beautiful !   :D
Btw, there is some little issue, some customing parts are duplicate, I only check on the rocket and the Bandit, I don't know for others cars !


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I can't believe it is here! :D

I got the backer car no problem.

How to change rims and spoilers etc? i got it  :D
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Lol, can put hotdog on Firefly. Finnish people get the joke


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the discord link is not working any more.


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I'm so happy they added more licensed music, nice suprise.

presuming ed

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It's been a long bumpy road.

Well done for getting to release, there must have been some hard times along the way I suspect.


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No backer car for me?

How do I get this sorted?


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I'm glad to finally see this game get a full release. It's been 4 years and a half, and it's crazy how far the game has come. The new UI looks really cool, and so do the new skins and the new songs.

Now I have a few suggestions, the first would be to make it so that the race songs continue in the menu after you leave a race. I disabled the race music, so I can only listen to the new songs during the pre and post-race screens, and the loading screen afterwards. Maybe have the current menu musics be the only songs that play in the menu, but instead of having the race song fade out so that one of the two menu musics can play, make it so that the menu song starts playing after the song is over? Not sure if this is easily understandable though, I said "song" way too many times. :P

The French translation has a few issues, it uses different translations for "beams", none of which is correct. I also noticed the map for Sandstone Raceway alternate route reverse is wrong.


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I do not have it. However, I now began to doubt, but should I have a backer car?