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Hi Dave, the badge key is for your badge here in Bugbear forum. I see you activated your Wrecker badge.

Also, my game does not display digital deluxe edition anywhere in steam.
I just have:
  Exclusive Car

NO DDE anywhere to be found.
Is this how its supposed to be?
I mean, if I go to buy new dlc, and I dont know I already have the DDE, and end up buying it again, hmm.....

Thanks again.

You seeing those 3 DLCs in your Wreckfest library means you got your Deluxe stuff, but you will not see deluxe edition anywhere. You will find your Bandit backer car in your garage.

I got my email today from Bugbear. Got Steam key for backer car and team paint job. :)


Dear Wreckfest supporter,

We hope you're doing great and you've been enjoying the game!

We come bearing gifts – You're receiving this email because you've pre-ordered Wreckfest and opted for a product tier that makes you lucky enough to get some neat bonus content:

– If you pre-ordered Full-Time Wrecker or a higher product tier, you'll receive the Deluxe Edition Upgrade containing the coveted Bandit backer car, an epic soundtrack and a number of wicked wallpapers.

– If you pre-ordered Team Bugbear Member or higher, you will not only receive the Deluxe Edition Upgrade but also the special Team Bugbear Paint Job for Hotshot with which to impress everyone! Please note that you will need to activate both keys.

The shiny new product keys can be viewed on your personal download page here:*****

Simply take note of the key (copy it to the clipboard) and activate it on Steam as per usual:

1. Launch Steam.
2. Click on "Games" in the top menu bar, then "Activate a Product on Steam...".
3. Click "Next", "I Agree", and input the Deluxe Edition Upgrade or Wreckfest Team Bugbear Paint Job product key to the "Product Code" field.
4. Click "Next" and you should be all done! If Steam doesn't start downloading your bonus content automatically, you will need to restart it.

After you activate the Deluxe Edition Upgrade, your backer car will be waiting for you in the garage after launching the game.

The soundtrack and wallpapers will appear in the game's installation location in folders called DLC Soundtrack and DLC Wallpapers, respectively. If you're not sure how to natigate to the game's installation folder, you can open it if you right-click the game's name in the Steam Library and then choose "Properties" menu item, then "Local Files" tab and finally "Browse Local Files..." button.

Team Bugbear Paint Job can be found in the Paint Shop menu for Hotshot.

If you need *any* assistance whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact us at and we'll help you along.

That's about it – We hope you enjoy your exclusive bonus content. Thanks for supporting us, over and out!

The guys at Bugbear

May be a while before I can buy the Hotshot to checkout the team paint job.  :P

But I will definitely have the Hotshot in my garage at some point.  :D
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