Author Topic: More detailed server log / API?  (Read 373 times)


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I'd like to automagically keep track of results from our server, and possibly keep a list of lap - and race - times from these events.

In Flatout 2 it was possible to make the host write an XML file to disk after the race finished, but just getting the server to print these details in its existing log would be more than good enough. That way I can tail the log file and parse any updates as they arrive in the log file.

Event details at event start could also be useful.

Lap: fiskfisk, Lap: 3/8, 00:39.423

Event finished
1. fiskfisk 1:34.291 00:39.423
2. xyz 1:36.111 00:40.493

.. etc.

Extracting this from the server binary's memory could also be an option - it'll have to keep that data around somewhere, but that's prone to fail in spectacular ways.. Shared memory as Project Cars did is also an option, but I haven't found any details about any implementation of this in Wreckfest (.. and the mods doesn't have access to any data such as this).


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Sounds like a good idea but you'd probably be better off putting it in the Game Design sub-forum for WF :).


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I was hoping it was already supported, but I'll make a post there instead. :-)


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I've uploaded my current progress to Github.

It's hacky and requires (detailed) knowledge of coding in python for now.