Author Topic: Changing the car decal menu icons for custom skins  (Read 117 times)


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In the old it would show the name you gave it in bagedit which was fine for me, but now its just an icon so my custom skins all show up as Ø

I've been messing about making custom ones to fit my skins but no luck.
For some reason they just go all black in the game. Tried making the bmap with build_asset, breakfest and using the PS plug in but each time it just ends up looking black.
The paths are correct, as I made a typo once and it went magenta, so the game does find the bmap... So I'm guessing its something I'm doing wrong, some limitation that doesn't exist for car skins but does exist for the buttons?

Mine was white until I found that you need to add the alpha channel by hand before exporting ! (into the photoshop channel, add an map named whatever you want, it will be used as alpha !)


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I must still be doing something wrong.

Made a layer in white.
Added an additional channel, left it to the default name 'Alpha 1'
In it made the button in black and white.

Used the exporter plug in in PS to export it to
Bugbear Entertainment\data\menu\textures (just to be sure it would get the path right as its the default path for menu items, have tried it in my mods folder too, with complete path there)

But still nothing in game :S

To be honest I had been messing with channels yesterday too, I do just not get what I am doing wrong :S In game the button remains simply black.

You have to make your alpha channel look like the opacity you want ! (Black for transparent and white for visible !)


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Well I figured out what I did wrong... Silly mistake.

I just gave it a filename I found fitting, but didn't add the '_128x128_raw' bit on the end between my name and .bmap.
I see them now...