Author Topic: This the Firefly replace this car?  (Read 442 times)

From this trailer

Disregarding whether or not you like the change from the game shown in that trailer to now, I was surprised to not see this particular car in the garage. My guess is that the Firefly is what ultimately replaced this car.

What do you think? Maybe we could see this car return...?
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I think there's no need for this to return when we already have the Firefly.
Besides, the cars look a lot different now, so this particular one probably wouldn't have a front fascia and it would look almost exactly like the Firefly.


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I remember someone asked Janne if this car will come back and he said that it would need a lot of work to get it back so they will work on other cars.
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I think it is the firefly, look at the rims, they were the same the firefly has when it was released. And the car is very close to the firefly but it was year ago, so they have the time to enhanced it.