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I know Bugbear had a deadline to meet, but it would be nice to have confirmation as to whether paintjobs are going to be worked on in future.

For me, it feels like there's less variety with liveries/patterns now than there was in the beta. It's mostly just numbers with a slogan on the side now. Granted the ones you can currently choose are well detailed and fit the game, but yet so did the all of the ones in the beta, and now some of those liveries/patterns have vanished. Could we at least have these added back in later to mix it up a bit?

Does anybody else feel the same?
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I agree. While the current styles are indeed cool I don't understand why they didn't keep everything. I preferred a couple of the old
schemes for sure. Just a personal preference on my part.
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There were some good paintjobs. Don't know why they didn't keep them all. It would add variety.


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I'm wishing for future DLC with Flatout 2 AI inspired paint jobs


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yes please add the old alpha paint jobs back in they where so awesome and make rims paintable as well as selectable textures for rims to cause some rims have multiple textures and more paint types like metallic matt and maybe candy paints aswell.