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The WF community is growing faster than ever. We have many different styles of driving / wrecking reflecting everyone from the guy who just downloaded, to the 2000 hour masters. WF however, can be a unique experience to each driver. Some come for the absolute carnage and others for the near sim racing experience. Many enjoy all facets. I am truly excited to see all the new servers poping up. Last night I believe there was 65 with at least a dozen with high numbers.

What can be difficult, is getting a read on the crowd in a particular server. Most state "no rules" but you wil find a mix of racers and wreckers. I personally like an agressive race, but not a fan of being purposly bushwhacked, and it hurts even more when you are running an epic lap.

I have signifigant hours in the game and my skin is a bit tougher, but It must be difficult for the new driver trying to find their way to match the style of driving they like.

Being the OP of a WF server, I propose a voluntary rating system to show the kind of racing you would like to promote on your server. Admins can also announce a change in driving style on the fly by notifying the drivers with the chat.


0 Total Wrecking - Kill em all
1 Survival- do what is necessary   
3 Brakes - what brakes?
4 Get to the line - Moderate Damage   
5 Balance of Wrecking & Racing
6 Balance of Racing & Wrecking   
7 Racing with Moderate Banging
8 More Competitive - Agressive Racing
9 Racing - Little to no contact
10 Pure Racing - No contact

Example: US New England Racing - Rated 8 for Aggressive Racing

Using a simple system like this can make it easier to join a server that matches your style. Sure, some will say this tells the Trolls where to stalk, that will happen no matter what you do, and admins know how to handle that.

Thanks for your consideration.
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More examples:

Death's Door - Rated 1 - tell you mama, you're not coming home!

Alpha Racing Group - Rated 9 for Competitive Events.
i7 Extreme 980x Hex Core 4.0GHZ / Water Cooled
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But rating things from 0-10, a low number usually mean something bad. But rough racing not bad thing in Wreckfest.  ;)

I do thing it helps to have in server message something give idea of the racing you could expect. I use:

semi rough\ semi clean  - rough racing on the fig8 and suicide tracks and cleanish, trade some paint racing on the other tracks.  But that is a mouth full to read.
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I like the idea, sorta, but isn't the description already for doing this? Specifying what kind of racing is allowed there.
Also, if people don't care to read the description, or ignore it, I doubt a rating system will change that.

I might be wrong of course, I have nothing against this feature, since sometimes it can be difficult to find a server that would be about racing but with some banging allowed. Usually it's just no rules and I don't like that, when I'm running a good lap, I don't want some random guy who's being lapped just run me off the road because he sucks at driving.

So nowadays I just stay in clean racing servers, but I get your point.

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