Author Topic: Some quality of life suggestions.  (Read 169 times)


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I'd understand if you all read and are probably tired of these "suggestions", but here's mine.

1: Getting wrecked.

The score screen shouldn't pop-out just yet after getting wrecked, there should be "Press Enter", so that you have time to watch WHAT THE HELL happened, and see the awesome crashes following yours, and look around.

2: Cars should get dirty and muddy.

Seeing all these banger and folk race, cars get extremely dirty after a while, make this happen!

3: Ability to look around car with mouse.

With controller we can look around smoothly but unfortunately we can't do that with mouse, would be great if we can drive and also look around and inspect the car and surrounding using mouse, the exact camera feature we have in "Photo Mode", I think it is called spherical camera, with this cam you can look around while driving, and perhaps make it auto-center after a 3 second or something.

4: Garage needs lights!

Garage is dark in a weird way, and those shadows that are from the roof is annoying, it is making hard to choose color for cars, colors appears to be looking good in the garage but not outside, I think its better if you change the garage outdoors, or make the garage brighter.

That is it for now, wonderful game.