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Without the black boxes :) Excuse the crude sketch I have drawn:

The triangle would show team color (only in Team Races). Rivals for example with red text outlines instead of black, or [R] next to them. Or changing team colors so, that there is no red team, red triangle is always rival. For ones who want to see the names, but less intrusive version. This would be totally optional, not replacing current black boxes, just alternative way. Personally would much prefer them this way.

Perhaps option also with/without healthbar. And forcing that server-side.

Doesn't really matter how it's exactly done, main thing would be no black boxes, which look imo pretty intrusive/unimmersive and make me wanna turn them off
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aGree, that looks like a more elegant option. Would also like the option as a server admin to turn off the healthbars.


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Ya that look much better getting rid of them big black boxes obstructing your view ahead into the next turn.  :D

For team derbys and races, I would like see a wider arrow, I think would help:

Dec 2017 Build and issues with Team racing and derbys and other feedback.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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I feel what they did with this build is a great change!

Actually names are perfectly readable with just white text. Not like your race is ruined if for 0.3 seconds you can't read one of them from a bright background. Situation like that is very rare, and very temporary. Great addition, I can finally enable the driver names and just leave them on without feeling I have to choose between immersion and information

Keybind to turn them on/off would still be cool though. (Ability to bind any wheel button/keyboard key to on/off toggle. Would work in replays and races). Goes into same category as "Skip to next music track" button. Kind of low-priority but would be nice to see in a future patch
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