Author Topic: Few Bugs for Tech to look at  (Read 147 times)


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Afternoon FYI
1 - Game Loading and then  Verification seems to be very slow.
2 - Scrolling Online Server list fast and refreshing freezes the game causing it to crash.
3 - When hosting servers from a dedicated server it seems to take 3-10 restarts of each server before it is recognised and joinable on the server list. ( Very frustrating when hosting 3 servers)

Server option suggestions.

1 - Joinable server button/ option - list at the top joinable servers to save scrolling 140 server list
2 - Admin only chat in game

Whats Missing?

Still would like to see in game recording thousands of user hours per week are spent on Leagues / Events and this would assist to keep them fair,fun and drama free.

Thanks for listening.