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Multiplayer is fun indeed but there's simply way to improve it to make it even more fun.
For example could you please award some championship points after the race ? So players could race for mini-championships in lobbies, please also allow the hosts to reset points. Of course you should allow a team championship that cumulates points in the lobby for each team.
Quite simple for you no ?  ;)

I also propose 2 new game modes inspired by fun games I had on Project Gotham racing 2 :

- the first game I'd call "cat and Mouse" plays with at least 4 players. We compose some teams of 2 players : one with a very slow vehicle (for example lawn mower) and the other with a much faster car. The aim is to push your partner to make him cross the line first. It's very funny !

- The second game I'd call "ups and downs" where it's everyone for himself. The game begins whith every player choose a low class car (for example a car sub 100 points : the supervan). After the end of the each race the best 15% (or so) players choose a lower class car for the next race (for example a less than 90 points car), the medium part of the drivers (50% or so) keep the same points class car. Finally the lower part at the end of the race (25%) are allowed to choose a slightly more powerfull car, for example a 110 points car. And so on... The game is over when a player loses with the highest rpoint ranked car.
It's very balanced cause everyone has a chance to win even versus much better players.

It's a bit harder to implement this last mode but who knows...
Your opinion ?  ;D
Sorry for my poor english.


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Not a big fan of your first mode, especially if it's with the lawnmower as it'd be too easy to push it over and DNF them.

However the second mode seems very intriguing and could be a lot of fun :).


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Hi, Thanks for your return.
You're right for the first mode we need a slow car but this car must not instantly be dead when it turns upside down.