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Rowdy Burns

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I mentioned a while back that I think capture the flag and five a side football dlc would be amazing in the future for multiplayer and since then have seen a few more videos on youtube I thought I would share here as my mind wouldn't stop running with ideas for Wreckfest!

Team multiplayer games I agree with others that all cars on a same team should be wearing the same or similar colour schemes.

I think the title "Wreckfest League" is quite fitting for some sports themed carnage DLC!!

Go Kart Soccer Battle | Dude Perfect

Action starts at 1:38

Aygo five-a-side football | Top Gear

Action starts at 4:21

England Vs Australia: Reliant Robin Football | Top Gear Festival Sydney

Action starts at 0:49

Car Ice Hockey Mayhem | Top Gear Winter Olympics

Car Rugby at Twickenham (First Half)

Car Rugby at Twickenham | Part 2


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I would love to see a capture the flag mode.

Enjoy doing CTF in Project Torque and Gas Guzzlers Extreme.
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CTF would be awesome
Car soccer and ice hockey would be easy to play and all that would be need to be done is change field and ball to ice and puck. Keep the stadium
Lawn mower soccer would be awesome. DNFs and respawns could play into strategies

Idk how football or rugby could work. Their possession and line of scrimmage rules I don't  think could be implemented for a chaotic mess such as Wreckfest but just quick thoughts.


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Not just for multiplayer  ;D