Author Topic: Is there a way to disable crowds?  (Read 353 times)


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Possibility to disable crowds?
I am asking since I notice massive drops on fps when crowds are rendered. Regardless which graphics settings I am using. An damn...who needs them...

Btw I am running on

FX-8350 @ 4,4 GHz
12 GB of RAM
Win10 latest build
Crimson 18.5.1
DS4 with latest version of scpserver
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Addendum here:

I am only talking the fully poligonized and animated crouds. The ones in scenarios like stadium events, wherin most of the crowds are plain texture sprites wont cause any problems.

And just an idea here: might it be, that some genius thought:'oh well, lets just take the basic ragdolled models of the drivers to make them being crowds?' Causing unnecessary processor load?
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Totally agreeable! wish there was a random variable density with them. is it really necessary that we need so many happily waving arms like that?!


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I haven't had any problems with them, but an option to disable them wouldn't hurt.

i5 2310, 2.9Ghz
GeForce GTX 750 ti, 2Gb
8Gb's RAM


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And if you do have them on not make them solid objects that can hinder getting back on the track if you're 'knocked' off it.


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I made a quick mod to test (will trigger the mod message = no online play :/ ). This will remove the animated 3D spectators.

Copy into the 'mods" folder from the game   (X:\....\Steam\steamapps\common\Bugbear Entertainment\mods) and activate on in-game mod list. Maybe it helps with fps drops?


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Nice. Thank you. But I cannot reach the site atm.