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Sometimes if you restart a race, your car damage isn't repaired - neither cosmetically or mechanically. Your car will still be at whatever damage percentage it was before you restarted. I'm not sure if this happens when you try to restart too quickly, or what exactly causes it, but it's happened a number of times now.
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I've noticed going from a highly damaged state and restarting as fast as possible causes this. Waiting like 3 seconds after hitting restart to start the race normally prevents this.
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Post from Steam Forum:

Quote from: JohnRampa;3104564981111353305
I'm not going to go through 165 pages on this thread to check if this has already been posted so I'll just report this annoying restart bug here:

if you crash and you immediately hit restart, your vehicle is likely to spawn trashed on the next race. Usually it's mainly visuals but today also this happened:

I'll not stand very good odds at 3 wheeler on the start.. :D

PS. Usually it's your own vehicle only but if you actually collided with someone right before you hit restart, that opponents car will spawn trashed for the next race as well.
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