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Just got this game a few days ago and it really fills the gap that Destruction Derby 2 once used to fill. I only play multiplayer and it has been amazing, but I am still missing some things that would make the experience even better! Here's a small list I think would benefit the overall experience:

- Make server queueing possible please. Reserving a spot for you when someone leaves a full server so you automatically join instead of pressing refresh and join the entire time...
- Server favorites. Doesn't need much explaining I guess. Weird this isn't already in the game.
- Accessing players' steam account by clicking on their name. Maybe this is already possible and I've missed something? Made some friends the past few days I would like to add.
- Locational VOIP. I know some people are against voice chat, but I for one like to chat to the people I'm smashing into. It would be even better if it were locational based, so you only hear the people directly around you and vice verse. Imagine a guy driving next to you and you force him into a tree, suddenly going dead quiet. Or someone going past you blasting Biggie, slowly fading as he drives away in the distance. I know you can type in chat, but I can't do that while I'm racing. Also, there should be a mute button to individually mute players if they are constantly shouting or have background noises.
- Number custimization. Custimization is pretty limited as is, but at least give us a possibility to create our own car number. Might make it easier to distinguish other players who run different cars/liveries if you have player names turned off.
- More track information. Please! I switch tuning setups to accomodate each track, but there's zero information about track lenght, gravel/asphalt %,... At least give us this information in lobbies and perhaps use custom loading screens for each track to make them more distinguishable from eachother. Because now I haven't yet learned all tracks and layouts by name, so making a tuning setup is pretty much a guess...

Would like to hear your thoughts on this.


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1. Yeah that would be an awesome!
2. Alot of players want this.
3. Its in the game already.
4. This could be to much trolling tbh (The game starts and someone start shouting etc). Most big servers have discord groups you can join and talk to some of the players in the chat rooms.
5. Janne (a dev) answered a similar question on their discord group today and the answer was "Given the resources we have, we have to prioritize."
6. As a new player I guess this could be abit confussing maybe, as a oldschool player its easy to know so maybe something like this needs to be added again. (I think it already was in the game)
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Please add server favorites! It would make it so much easier joining a server that's already full. Right now I sometimes have to scroll down alot to find my favorite server, and if its full I have to refresh and find it again. Sometimes this can be pain. And why not server queuing aswell, Battlefield did it and it worked.

Please no VoIP, I hate when I have to mute 90% of the people when I join. Discord works really well in that.

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