Author Topic: "Quality of Life" Update Sorely Needed  (Read 295 times)


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I love the game, I think Bugbear nailed the feeling of destruction racing and I'm overall happy with the final product.


There are some things that desperately need to be adjusted.

1. Deathmatch Derbies in Career Mode are more frustrating than they are fun.

For instance, the Combine or Bus deathmatch Derbies- The fact that it's deathmatch and you're required to knock out at least 3 competitors means that it is very common for AI to steal your knock outs. For example, you've just full-tracked another competitor, knocked off a huge chunk of health but they have a sliver remaining - along comes a hapless AI and brushes against them, taking all the credit for the knock out. And then they respawn with full health and you have to try to find someone else who is barely clinging on to hopefully deal the final blow to. All that time you spent whittling them down was for nothing, and you only have 3 minutes to get your 3 knock outs.

It's just frustrating and it takes the fun out of it. I'm not saying it shouldn't be challenging - Last Man Standing derbies are challenging, because you have to use strategy, and a good strategy is rewarded with success. Deathmatch derbies in slow, lumbering vehicles that handle like the steering wheel is sending a letter via Pigeon to the wheels is just a chore. The Career mode derbies should ALL be Last Man Standing, OR the deathmatch derbies need to be decided on TOTAL DAMAGE DEALT, not number of knock-outs. Or both.

2. The menu flow is pretty bad. I'm unsure why you have to access 4 different menus to buy cars, select cars, paint cars, and modify cars. It's especially silly when you're in the middle of an event and realize you need/want to set up a different car, causing you to back way out, enter one menu to purchase or select a car, back out, enter another menu to paint it (if you desire), back out, enter another menu to modify it, back out, enter another menu to tune it, then back out and go back to the event menu.

There should be ONE car menu. List all of the vehicles in the same place. If you own it, put a KEY icon under the thumbnail. If you don't own it, put a PRICE TAG icon under the thumbnail.

When you've selected a car you own, an options bar should appear.

APPEARANCE: Change Paint, Liveries, and Accessories. These are all cosmetic changes that DO NOT affect performance.
PERFORMANCE: Upgrade Engine, Change Armor, Tune.
SAVE SET UP: Save the current state of your vehicle under a custom name, such as "Derby" or "Oval" so that you can quickly set your car up for specific events. Constantly adding/removing armor to adjust the car for different tracks is TEDIOUS. In the Event menu, you would be able to select a Preset for your car so you don't have to go in and tweak every individual item.

3. It is WAY too hard to tell which cars are eligible for which events. Simply put, each event should list the cars that qualify. If a locked event requires a specific car to unlock it, it should say so clearly. Once you've spent some time with the game, sure, you can figure out what it wants from you, but it shouldn't be this cryptic.

4. The Road Cutter sounds like it has a dead cylinder. It needs a new engine sound, badly.

5. I unlocked my School Bus and painted it black as I like it, but I don't get to use my bus in the Career Mode events. This is super nit-picky, I know, but it'd be nice if I could use my own bus.

Some other ideas to fancify the game a little:

1. Allow us to sell unused/unwanted vehicles. Tie their value into their performance, obviously, but add a value bonus based on wins - if you've won a lot with a certain car, that car would be more desirable to prospective buyers, and therefore worth more.

2. Add the ability to apply two liveries at once, and add two new livery positions - First Number and Second Number on the doors of each car. So Livery 1, you can select and number from 0 to 9, and it'll appear like this: 4_.

Livery 2, you can select 0-9, and it'll appear like this: _5.

When both Liveries are applied together, it looks like this: 45.

That's how you can give us the ability to put our own numbers on our cars so even other people in multiplayer can see it.

Also, you'd need to find a way to paint the numbers over top of the door armor.

3. Your community is a creative one. I would consider running a monthly vote of the best custom tracks and liveries, and whichever one wins, officially add it to the game.