Author Topic: How do I create a Damage mod?  (Read 230 times)


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Hello everybody!
I am not quite happy with the damage model currently exsisting in the game, so I want to make my own model.
Only problem, I dont know how.
If there is a topic online already discussing this, tell me.

Thank you in advance


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I would love to look into the damage scheme of this game too but from what I gather the ability to do this is
not currently feasible. These files are locked away in the game code I believe. Perhaps someone with more
knowledge could chime in on this? I really hope to do custom damage/deformation work some day!
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You can change all the damage,but it depends what you are trying to change to which file you could edit.
Look in your install folder for bagedit to open game files.Copy game files+folder structure to /mods to edit.[]=Gameplay

for some examples.
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Take a look at the damage files here: data\property\settings

I tweak the dset files here so the cars will last a bit longer on my custom fig8 tracks.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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