Author Topic: My Five (5) Suggestions  (Read 175 times)


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I'll apologize in advance if any of these have been mentioned before.
Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this.

1. Spectator Mode

In my opinion, this needs to be completely reworked.  It isn't intuitively laid out and can cover up chat when parts of it are expanded.  Minimalize it and place the options along the right side of the screen.  Any pop-out options would expand just to the left of the main menu.  Either get rid of the "playback" options or let us use them to review earlier parts of the race.

The progress of the event should be one of the first things shown in spectator mode.  If it is a lap race, show the lap number the leader is on as well as the total laps of the race.  If it is a timed event, show the current amount of time that has progressed as well as the total time of the event.

The current player list in spectator mode arranges all players by their "ID".  Nix this and use the vertical menu space to list out the names of all players in the order of their live position in the race.  You can keep the IDs next to the name if you want (more on this below), but the name should always be visible without having to hover over a number.  Maybe even add in small icons to keep track of friends, enemies, and DNFs.  Lap times would not be necessary, save those for the results screen.  Also, allow us to view ANY racer, even if they've wrecked out (especially if we're allowed to review earlier parts of the race).

Add an additional camera mode: Smart Track TM.  This camera mode would follow a specific car while dynamically changing its distance and position to include as much danger as possible within the driver's proximity, whether it's other drivers, sharp turns, or roadside hazards.  Wide sweeps and other cinematic flairs can be interjected as appropriate to shift from one camera angle to the next.

An option within Smart Track TM could be to automatically follow the car(s) in the highest amount of danger.  As packs of cars form and disperse, the camera would shift its focus to different cars around the course.  Another option could be to prioritize cars with a lower ID (again, more on this below).

2. IDs

As far as I can tell, a player's "ID" is assigned willy nilly when they enter a lobby, has no relevant meaning to the player, and never changes.  This is a complete waste.  Instead, use this to convey the overall performance of the drivers.  Win a lot of races?  Move to the top of the list.  DNF every race?  I'll see you at the bottom.

(I understand that a player's ID might be used internally by the game and needs to be static in order to prevent everything from exploding.  If that is the case, hide these IDs from the players' view completely and replace them with a new "Overall Position Number" (OPN) that can be reassigned race by race.)

Have the settings for the IDs or OPNs be controllable by the server admin to allow for cumulative positions that never reset until you leave the lobby (default), have all positions reset every x races for series play, or use the last x races to determine position to prevent grandfathering.  There could also be options to use these numbers to determine starting positions of the next race (fully, semi-randomly, or not at all).

I'd love to see the default livery numbers on cars be replaced with their ID or OPN, but this is more of a cosmetic request.

3. Chat

I'd love to have constant chat that doesn't disappear from screen to screen.  If I'm typing something while in one screen and I'm moved to another, I lose everything and have to retype it.  This one might be tricky to implement and may not be possible without causing a lot of headaches, so I'll understand if it can't be done.

It'll still be on my list, but I'll understand.

4. Loading Screen

Man, that loading screen looks niiiice.  Some sweet car on car action right in your face with tires flying all around.  What's not to like?  It genuinely is a nice image.  Unfortunately...

It's the same loading screen for every track.  Vary it up a little.  Throw some new ones in the mix.  Ideally, at least one image for each location.

Or better yet, use this as an opportunity to show off the winners of the last race.  Use THEIR cars in the loading screen and give players another reason to customize their cars.  This could be a static "image" of the top three battling it out somewhere on the track or maybe they could be parked on an awards podium featuring the first place car on a rotating platform.

5. Lobby Background

Whenever you are waiting to start a new race, the background previews overviews of the track.  This is another place to showcase the winner of the last race.  Have a copy of their car doing pace laps during these overviews.  Once the race starts, the lap car disappears and the race is on.