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Ok, so I decided to give this game a go, what a hoot. Normally I dont mess with mods, but wondering is the modding community active in this game? and or are there new tracks out there?

Another question I have is the stunt racing game, is that gonna be a hole new game, or part of what we have? I still play a old game called nitro stunt racing, just a game that has loops, and jumps, and OMG its such a great time.  So I am kinda hoping that we will get this type of play in wreckfest, or a stand alone version of the game?


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Yes, there are. Most (if not all) are on the Steam Workshop.


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Go here:

On the right of page, click on Track. This will giving a list of custom track mods done for Worckfest since summer 2016. Beware some track mods may crash final release version of Wreckfest. Then may have do this to get Wreckfest to start again:

First try launching the game with "-disable_mods" (without quotes) launch option (right click on the game name in Steam Library > Properties > Set Launch Options). If that doesn't help, removeC:\Program Files (x86)Steam\userdata\[YOUR UNIQUE USER ID]\228380\local\wreckfest\modlist.mods file and try again.

Here some video of us racing custom tracks online:

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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