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This is one of those things you expected when playing the career mode. Not just in this game, but in all games that comes with that specific mode.

I think in my honest opinion, that the career mode should have a more story telling background to it.
Instead of just randomly shoving you onto a racing track without any knowledge regarding the drivers (NPCs), makes the whole experience incredibly dry.

Take Need for Speed as an example. They have bosses and actual stories to their career mode allowing you to feel like you're actually doing some progress and changes around your reputation in the game itself.
You get to know how good each driver is and how aggressive they really are, so that you know ones on the track which one you wouldn't risk ramming into or which one you should ram into in order to avoid them winning as (in this case scenario) you've seen how good they are at driving. Just because this game is based on street racing, doesn't mean that Wreckfest can't take ideas from it.

In Flatout 1 - 3, drivers actually had their own cars, with the same driver, with the same names.
I remember Jack Benton being the fastest driver in Flatout 2, so by trying to play tactical by ramming him would make you take the lead.

You see, things like these makes the game more exciting to play. But by just trying to gain as much stars as possible in order to move on to a several amount of tracks in no sort of order with random cars doesn't make the game better. It just makes it dry.
I just don't see why they decided not to bring a story to Wreckfest at all.

I am all open for further discussion and arguments in the replies, as it expands my thread in general allowing bugbear to see a bigger view on what i am trying to present.
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This type of career structure is quite common, also in games that would definitely have the resources to make it anything. For example Forza 7 career isn't that dissimilar.

I don't necessarily see the extra value a story would bring. It can easily become CheeseFest with cringy voice acting (like 2 latest NFS titles, and apparently also Crew 2) and the driving is still essentially unchanged. Or some other driving games, which have lots of "sponsor deals", fake emails and faux social media channels shoved at you. Or Ken Block yelling "Yo dude, you should really upload that clip to YouTube, bro!" I don't feel the extra value... if the actual driving is bad, nobody cares. And in Wreckfest, the driving is good so it already has a leg on competition.

Besides, Bugbear ran out of time... they wanted to have AI buy upgrade parts (which would have given some "evolving" feel to the Career), but they simply ran out of time to meet deadline. Also, when they decided to use backers as AI names, dunno how well it would fit any story if drivers are named like that.

Regardless of "story", I kind of also hoped for fixed "personalities", cars, driving style/skill and more realistic feeling names for the AI. Like you described... but here's what we have.
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I must say that i appreciate your time and effort to write down these statements of yours.
But let me also partly answer your question of "I don't see how a story would be better for Wreckfest" with the chances being very small due to certain new understandings on my side.

Multiplayer in Wreckfest was a great idea, even though it came with the release of Wreckfest, it also changed the way most of us see the career mode and use it mostly for CR gain to upgrade our vehicles for the purpose of multiplayer advantages.
Even though i totally understand the whole thinking behind it and how the career mode might had just been meant to be a mining cave for those who seeks the resources to be the best of the best 'online'.

Even though it is for sure that it's not only used for this purpose, but it could've been used for so much more.
They could've made a separated currency system for multiplayer so that players did not use the career mode for the wrong purpose, resulting in players actually having to earn their way up to upgrade their vehicles in multiplayer mode instead of just farming CR in career mode.
In other words, The career mode is currently being used as a source of income to upgrade their vehicles only for purpose of being the fastest upgraded vehicle in the multiplayer mode.
The faster their car gets, the easier income they get from career mode.

In my honest opinion i think that voiced commentators would had been a nice feature in career mode, for the purposes of better awareness of the activities around your vehicle and the feeling of realism. It might just be "Cringey voices" to you, but for some, it might also help to raise that realistic racing feeling that the game is trying to represent. Of course there should be an option to turn it on or off for people like you finding it cringey.

I might've also missed the fact that the names of each vehicle in career mode belonged to backers supporting the game, which i totally respect and have no problem with remaining in the game.
And this of course also breaks down the idea of having a more story telling background.

But there is always room for smaller things that could somewhat help with the feeling of realism such as the voiced commentators, ("driving style/skill for each AI, AI vehicles being upgraded the higher up you get." ~vveyro). It's just a matter of fact if Bugbear decides if some of these suggestions might be good ideas, and if they have the money for it at the moment as each new thing costs them money to achieve.
Your choice of when to drive a vehicle should not cost other peoples lives.
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I'd be hesitant to have separate currencies for singleplayer and multiplayer.  It would be really difficult for someone who comes in later to gain money in multiplayer because they'd be playing their stock vehicles against all souped-up opponents.  Having a single currency allows new players the chance to be competitive.

As far as storytelling... that seems like a lot of work for only a little gain.  I don't know how many people are holding back on getting Wreckfest because it lacks a story, but I can't imagine that number being very high.  Even smaller storytelling elements might seem out of place without an actual story behind it.  I'd rather Bugbear focus on gameplay improvements (for the most part).  A rusty car with an awesome engine is going to win more races than a shiny car with a mediocre engine.

Giving unique driving styles to the NPCs is a good idea.  An easy way to simulate this might be to carry grudges over from race to race so that certain NPCs are gunning for you from the start (probably place a limit on the number of starting grudges).  Maybe even have different levels so that someone who is a little mad at you will try to spin you out, but someone who is really mad at you will come at you harder.  Go a race without hitting them and they cool down a level.  This would allow rivalries to come and go dynamically over a series of races.  It may even be fun to have the NPCs have grudges against each other if that's not already a thing.


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Actually, AIs already use multiple driving styles.


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Well, I didn't mean voice acting is always cringy, but often it is. Even with big AAA studios. Latest two NFS games, Crew 2... the voice acting isn't just very fun to listen to. To have meaningful sounding characters, with good voice acting... that is huge effort that requires hiring professional actors, for little gain. It's still about racing cars around a track, in the end.

But anyway, at this point, I doubt drastic changes into career will happen. AI not buying upgrade parts is imo bigger shame than lack of story (because it was planned, just not enough time). Would have looked cool, if towards end of career their cars would be customized and also souped up, for extra challenge. Once player unlocks good parts, Expert AI has trouble keeping up.
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