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I really enjoy this track. It has enough destruction and speed to be fun with just a hint of random on the crossovers but there is strategy you can use to manage the crossovers to make it safer. It is only a 30-32 second lap and it seems about half of the cars crash out in 8 laps (AI). It seems balanced fairly well.

This is a really good track. If you want to make more tracks like this and Crash Canyon I wouldnt say no to them! :)

I'd love a layout of this track that only uses one of the wings on each end so it makes a figure 8.


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I like it too! Fun track. Hopefully makes the "boring tracks" people happier. (However, I don't agree with them at all).

However a small (visual) criticism. The background scenery (mountains in the far distance) is same on both ends :P Perhaps you could edit it a bit, so it doesn't become obvious it's copypasted.

Somehow the track feels like it could use some visual "polish", compared to other tracks. Maybe just because of the background duplicate thing. The layout itself is great
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A little solution is to download one of my Mega Skypacks. that can remedy the issue.
some of my weathers, do feature background scenery  ;)


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Nice, have to try that.

Actually the backgrounds in official tracks look mostly amazing, really upping the feeling of graphical detail. Even when it's "just image" they look more convincing than in most games using similar method. Now noticed this new track uses "copy paste" method in several parts, stretching the same bit of mountain (on sides as well, although it's more hidden behind buildings) to different sizes. Dunno if other tracks use this, never really noticed


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Bloody Fun Track.. had some serious belly laughs last night.. well done.


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Do you guys know if it is introduced in the career ? Or this is just a bonus track