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The AI cant drive some Roadtracks, while they are in Schoolbus.

On Sandstone Raceway Full the AI is to fast in the Chicane, after the second Turn. Most Driver will lose the Bus and roll to the left.
Some in Lap 1 and all in Lap 2. I testet it on Amatuer and Expert.
Its funny, but useless ;)

On Rosenheim the Ai will try to use the Joker in Round 1, even if its allready blocked.

On Crash Canyon the AI should general try to use the left Lane in Round 1 and 2, if they are in the save Positions on the Front.


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Also on the mod map Kosmo from TVE.

On the tight 180 degree corner before the Y split way and in the chicane on the right small way.
The busses are driving onto and over the sand walls and then come back from behind the sand walls onto the track (if they can). Most get stuck.

Maybe TVE can adjust that please ?  :)
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Haha! To be honest I think they are just too bloody big :p The AI lines are set to be in safe areas, but when you get to those big vehicles they just take up too big space to work normal. Also, I totally gave up trying to get the big AI cars to behave on the sca track, so prepare for a laugh if you race with them :D

Edit: It is possible to make AI brake more before corners to make the busses work, but that will mean all the small AI cars will drive unnecessary slow in corner. Could of course create a own bus layout of the track, with super slow cornering, but it seems a bit... much :p
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Thanks for the explanation. Now I can understand. Yes that would be too much work.

I enjoy bus only races.  :D
Works quite good on bigger fig 8 tracks like the dirt 8.
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