Author Topic: Game Freezes on Map Load  (Read 140 times)

After trying a fresh install I am still unable to join any server or SP running 32bit or 64Bit. On the loading screen the game just freezes. Under processes the CPU usage for Wreckfest goes to 0%.

MSI Z270 Gaming M7
MSI 1080 ti

Any ideas?



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Possibly related to read/write speed of HDD?
Try lower resolution in game and lower texture quality,shadows and other real time post processing effects off.See if that helps
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Same issue here.  I have the settings all set to high instead of ultra and it just sits there and says updating cars.  On the beta version I had no problems. running with all the settings on ultra.  Looking for some suggestions.



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Here my post on doing a true fresh install of Wreckfest:

Quote from: Purple44;355043117530027775
Quote from: treadiculous;355043117529338135
3 recent updates and I still can't play!

I used to have no problems...

now I can get to the garage but when I click 'go race' I get the little 'windows 64 has stopped working' box.

running in 32 has the same issue.

all mods are disabled.

I've uninstalled and re-installed.

I'm running:
i5 ivybridge @310ghz (350ghz)
8gb Ram
Geforce GTX 970


But have you done a true fresh install of Wreckfest?

Do the Steam uninstall of Wreckfest.

Then go to Wreckfest install folder ( make a shortcut to it before doing the uninstall ), Steam\steamapps\common\Bugbear Entertainment and delete the whole \Bugbear Entertainment  folder to make sure there no files left behind. It been posted that the Steam uninstall does not delete everything and these left over files can cause a problem.

Then need to remove the user data generated by the previous game versions by navigating to [STEAM INSTALLATION FOLDER]/userdata/[USER ID]/228380/local and removing or renaming the folder labeled 'wreckfest'. The default Steam installation folder is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam'. This get rid of config, career and modlist files.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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