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Like many other sim racers, I don't even have a screen on my racing rig any more - all my racing is in VR now.  I played Wreckfest when the early access was first available and really loved it, but I can't go back to 2d racing now that I'm so used to VR. 

I believe Wreckfest would be amazing in VR as, unlike a lot of other racing games, there's a lot of depth to what you see.  Other cars up close, stuff flying everywhere - and that sort of stuff makes VR feel really great.  It'd likely be the best game available for VR if it had a good implementation. 

So please implement VR!  I'd even be happy to pay £20 for a VR patch!



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It has been requested multiple times during early-access, there was no definitive answer, but it has never been a real thing. (and it's a shame, I'd love WF in VR too !)
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