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Like many other sim racers, I don't even have a screen on my racing rig any more - all my racing is in VR now.  I played Wreckfest when the early access was first available and really loved it, but I can't go back to 2d racing now that I'm so used to VR. 

I believe Wreckfest would be amazing in VR as, unlike a lot of other racing games, there's a lot of depth to what you see.  Other cars up close, stuff flying everywhere - and that sort of stuff makes VR feel really great.  It'd likely be the best game available for VR if it had a good implementation. 

So please implement VR!  I'd even be happy to pay £20 for a VR patch!



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It has been requested multiple times during early-access, there was no definitive answer, but it has never been a real thing. (and it's a shame, I'd love WF in VR too !)
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Yep, another +1 here.

I use an Xbox 360 controller for this game because I couldn't bring myself to use my wheel, shifter and pedals without the VR hat nowadays.

VR owners are always after new experiences, so it may widen the audience to people who would not otherwise buy the game.

I'd pay for a DLC VR addon.