Author Topic: DEVELOPERS - add these cars = guaranteed more sales!  (Read 372 times)


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Hey guys I've been involved in American demolition derbies my entire life.. I compete yearly in the biggest demolition derby in the country (bash for cash) in Ohio. We've been begging for a game with these cars for as long as I can remember. If you guys add cars that resemble these in the game I will 100% guarentee you will see more sales just within the American demolition derby community. 

1975-76 impala
1976 buick electa 225
1975 chevy Kingswood estate wagon
1976 Chrysler imperial
1964 Lincoln continental
1964-67 chrysler imperial
2000 crown Victoria
1985 ford Ltd
1995 chevy lumina

I'm sure I'm forgetting some and maybe more people can chime in but this combination of vehicles matched with one or more tracks that are long but yet narrow much like alot of county fair tracks on the east coast of the United States... I will guarantee TONS of game sales in the United States!!! Thank you!


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More american beauties!


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Can always go for more of the big boats

Your 85 Vic request is in there and has always been in the game as the Rammer lol

They don't even need to model a car after a specific year. They could just go off of a 73-76 GM style instead of a specific year, make and model

Wasn't the "Backer" car supposed to be in this game as a 60s Imperial? Or am I thinking of BeamNG?

More land yachts, more trucks, 70s American compacts (Pacer, Gremlin, Hornet) and special vehicles like a hearse, ambulance, short bus and an Imperial modeled after "The Enforcer" of DENT for special events lol