Author Topic: A way to view/share videos or ghosts for top stunt scores  (Read 937 times)


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It's tough to explain what I mean but my friends and I poured in easily over 100 hours trying to best each others and others online leader boards in stunts. In many cases we actually scored in the top 50 or less overall in many of them (gamertag LundonTHEKing). But when we thought we figured out the best and only way to get the max score on a stunt you would find that there were still a handful of people that somehow still scored astronomically more to finish in the top 5. Which was impossible to imagine unless some kind of in game glitch occurred and worked in their favor.

it would interesting to see a way that either people can save and share their top stunts scores.. Or even just the top one and they can be viewed within the game. I don't want to see 1000 peoples videos of them scoring a mediocre score. I think only the top scorers should be able to have their ghost of their stunt viewed or previewed to actually see someone achieve that score. I feel seeing someone achieve it in a legit way is more motivation to achieving perfection  :)