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Graphics glitch with lights

i have a graphics glitch when i use lights in my mod, (i'm unsure but devs dont use lights in original tracks ?) so i have this glitch only in some mods.
i can see these rectangle moving in the lights.


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I get this also with one of Tor's The VeryTrack Pack Track.

I see you also have a Radeon Graphics card. I think it is an issue with our card.

Moment, I will show you a post I made on this.

Ahh yes just located my post, on this issue. ------------------------>,9232.msg105787.html#msg105787


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It a localized glitch for AMD GPUs. There is a fix i think,something to do with AMD profile settings if i remember right. But personally i havnt been able to find the info again on how to fix. Hopefully someone else can help you out.
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