Author Topic: Dedicated server console freezes when typing into console after STEAMPS3 message  (Read 158 times)

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The dedicated server console freezes and appears unavailable to all clients (they see 'lost connection' errors) when typing into the console after 'STEAMPS3 AsyncTCPSocket' messages appear in the console window.

Occasionally, a few 'STEAMPS3' messages appear at the bottom of the dedicated server console window. When they're present, they remain at the bottom of all text, and new lines of text appear above them (see server video around 45s when a new player joins the lobby). When they first appear, the '>' prompt disappears from the bottom of the server console. See attached screenshot.

Once these messages appear, if anything it typed into the server console window, the console duplicates its response. See 1:04 in the server video - I press 'return' and the console window duplicates its response - the help message appears twice.

At precisely this point, the server itself appears to lock. CPU usage (if clients are connected) drops to almost nothing and connected clients see a 'lost connection' error, being kicked from the server after 10 seconds. See client video.

The server console reports this as them having quit.

The server now remains in an unresponsive state (see client video - attempts to rejoin the server fail) until I repeatedly type a few commands into the server. (at 2:19 in the server video) Once the server starts responding to commands (ie reporting 'no players' when I type 'list' it returns to full functionality, and clients can now rejoin.

However it means that the server is relatively unstable and there are scenarios where I cannot type into the console, because if I do, all clients will be booted.

The two videos linked below were made at the same time, and show the experience on both the console and in game.



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