Author Topic: We need a Horn !  (Read 252 times)


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Everything was said in the title...  ;)


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I think the negative side of horns was mentioned in the other thread about horns.

Online horn spam fest.

If they were to be added I think an option to mute horns would be the next thing asked for.
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It would be nice to have as an option.

If you deactivate it, you'll hear no horns. So everyone can have it the way they like it.
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Janne Suur-Näkki

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This gets requested on a regular basis but seeing as there would be as many players who would hate honking horns to their guts as those who would like it, it's unlikely that it will be added.

Rowdy Burns

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I don't ever think I have heard a car beep at another during a race lol! I have heard spectators with air horns however!


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Horns are very annoying, why would we need this in serious racing? eff the horns.