Author Topic: Fractured Lands any good so far?  (Read 222 times)


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I figure Purple44 is already playing this (although maybe not, since it has outside the car shooting in it), even though it just landed in early access. :P
I was just wondering if it was any good or not.
Gas Guzzlers Extreme plus getting out of vehicles to shoot also.
Sounds good on paper, but you never know....
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Looks fairly decent, according to one review I just watched from youtube it needs a lot of work though.

Maybe I'll buy it withing the next few weeks.

For anyone interested, I watched this one:

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Ah, didnt know it was pubg with vehicles.

Well, at least someone saw it and might be interested.
I just saw that article and havent heard of it before, but I did recently try pubg and didnt like it at all, so know I wont like this.
Thank you VERY much for that video review!
Saved me some time and money.