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I would like to see an update soon that is team and/or game mode oriented.

First, I would like to introduce an all new game mode. Last Team Standing, LTS for short. The rules are simple, it's just last man standing except that you have teams. Whichever team has the last running car(s) wins. I think this would be a great addition to derbying and would be quite competitive and fun for small teams of 2-4 players each.

With this I'd like to see matching paint for all teams in team game modes so that nameplates are not necessary to turn on to know whose on your team. Forced colors for team modes is not the end of the world IMO, and I think we should be able to have presets for those colors with only 4-5 shades of the same color to make sure yellow doesn't look like orange or red etc...

I have ran a tournament in the Last Team Standing style format. It was quite hard to set up manually. If we had a game mode, it would have been killer. 31 players on 8 teams showed up to wreck cars for the night. Double elimination with winners advancing directly to the feature heat.

That's about all I've got for now. Just waiting on some good old fashioned team derbying. :)

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I definitely like see Last Team Standing mode come to online.  :D

Last man standing derby don't get played much online, since it to easy to sandbag.  :(  With Teams, it be much harder to go hide!  :)
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A mode like this would take the multiplayer fun factor and shoot it through the stratosphere. I too hope the devs give this serious
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