Author Topic: Adding an event but AI uses all classes instead of the class I selected.  (Read 133 times)


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Hi , I've been playing around a bit with adding extra events.

And so far I got an extra event and it seems to work aside from one thing.
Once I start the AI uses all classes eventhough I stated C only.

property\career\cs01\cs01_s12.crsd (my new event file)
Vehicle restrictions >
Region : none selected (also tried all selected)
Sizes: all but specials selected
Class: C selected

I would expect this to work but it doesnt :S

Ai set and vehicle type list I left at default (same as other banger racing events that only limit class).

I have no clue what I'm missing here...

(another side effect is that the order on the championship screen has altered, but all championships still function so I see that as minor for now)
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Hi. Further down in that file is an entry that tries to make that series lawnmower-only.

If you scroll down from those checkboxes, you can make the following change:

Vehicle Type List should be 0.

That will remove the lawnmower-only stuff.


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Hi, that wasn't the issue. The Ai used class A through C cars when I specified class C only.

But, deleted it all, started again and its vanished. So whatever it was... No clue. But now I see only class C being used.
CPU: i7-7700 Mem: 32gb GFX: GTX 1080ti OS: W10x64