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The devs should of went a different route than they did. This game really needs to take special vehicles and make them S class. Take the muddigger and make it D class, add a pickup truck , a van and Maybe a duely pickup to the class and call it good. These muddiggers out class almost all of the other A class vehicles in size and strength. This leads trolls to greifing in the MUDDIGGER all day long. It's like those old highlight books, "which item in this picture doesn't belong" well in this case it's the MUDDIGGER. I'm not saying remove it, but instead correctly reclass it, right now all the bad drivers, that like to do nothing more than ruin people's races and grief people, flock to it. It's greatly out of place and no one can argue that I'm wrong, please bugbear sort this out and address this problem, many people feel the same way.

What is the point of having 1 heavy truck/SUV in a large group of cars, most of which are small. I think they shouldn't of added it period unless they planned to have an all truck/SUV heavy class, then it would make sense. If they don't want to add more heavy trucks/SUVs/vans than I honestly would be ok with doing away with MUDDIGGER all togethsr. Maybe replace it with a Chrysler imperial lookalike or an older bigger car.


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I agree, the muddigger needs it's own class. It was brought up long ago to have either a separate DLC/game with pickups/suvs so that we wouldn't be combatting this problem as I"m not going to mention my own name, but I definitely foresaw this, and was worried and posted about it... Heh

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It's true that you'd probably never see a Blazer in a real life race or derby event with cars.

The Blazer is very similar to the Ford station wagon however, 300 lbs heavier and 25 more HP with similar sized engines. It does have higher ground clearance with taller suspension and shorter wheelbase, the trade-off is a higher center of gravity, so greater rollover tendency. They are both rear drive, full frame American wagons with V8 power.

IMHO, this is most likely Bugbear's reasoning for including the Mud Digger in the game - to compete with the War Wagon. A Chevy styled wagon wouldn't be very different in looks than the Ford styled wagon, but the Mud Digger looks different.

I'm not sure what the game's statistics show for the two vehicles, but ...

...Some info from this website;


Chevrolet Blazer C10 Hardtop 350-4 V-8 Hydra-Matic (aut. 3) , model year 1976, version for North America U.S.
3-door wagon body type
RWD (rear-wheel drive), automatic 3-speed gearbox
gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 5733 cm3 / 349.8 cui, advertised power: 123 kW / 165 hp / 167 PS ( SAE net ), torque: 346 Nm / 255 lb-ft
characteristic dimensions: outside length: 4684 mm / 184.4 in, width: 2019 mm / 79.5 in, wheelbase: 2705 mm / 106.5 in
reference weights: estimated curb weight: 1905 kg / 4200 lbs, gross weight GVWR: 2744 kg / 6049 lbs
how fast is this car ? top speed: 156 km/h (97 mph) (©theoretical);

Ford LTD Country Squire 5.8L V-8 (aut. 3) , model year 1979, version for North America California (U.S.) (up to October)
5-door wagon body type
RWD (rear-wheel drive), automatic 3-speed gearbox
gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 5766 cm3 / 351.9 cui, advertised power: 103 kW / 138 hp / 140 PS ( SAE net ), torque: 353 Nm / 260 lb-ft
characteristic dimensions: outside length: 5453 mm / 214.7 in, width: 2014 mm / 79.3 in, wheelbase: 2906 mm / 114.4 in
reference weights: base curb weight: 1783 kg / 3931 lbs
how fast is this car ? top speed: 161 km/h (100 mph) (©theoretical);

/Edit; Oops, I used the Ford California version here; the U.S version is slightly more powerful. 8^)
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Agree with the muddigger being in a separate class. It would be nice to see a 4x4 class, a van class.

It is common in the UK to see a few MPV that look like Toyota Previa's in an unlimited banger race... Don't think I've seen them running with the 2ltr bangers and definitly not seen them running in any micro classes!


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I agree,wouldnt be allowed IRL due to ride height. In game it also has the advantage that the center of mass is lower than a lot of the cars.Presumably to stop it getting rolled over as much.
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