Author Topic: Add server options for assists.  (Read 201 times)

I think they should have a server option similar to the class restriction option, where the host can set if people can use assists or not. Same could be said for manual or automatic shift, but I think the assist option is more important. This would help force a more equal playing field.

Assists definitely lessen the difficulty of the game, allow us to shut off assists serverside to get some intense fair racing across the boards. Another good idea would be to have a lock for cockpit view only option. Out of all of them though i really want to see an assists disabled option for the server. Thanks.


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What a delightful suggestion. I couldn't agree more that assists should have an option to force off server side. Glad to see others have that same opinion :) As for cockpit view only, this is something else that I've felt we should have for an option, but not nearly as important as an option to force assists off.
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I don't see why this couldn't be easily implemented. Although I am not 100% "assist free", assist restricted servers in my view would
stand out as a player benchmark of achievement of sorts, reflecting the skill level and effort required to win consistently without any
assists. It could also be helpful to those who wish to learn the intricacies of non-assist racing (online style), without having some mentally deranged pot head driving a fully assisted Mudigger from ruining the experience.

Then again, a mentally deranged pothead driving a fully un-assisted Mudigger could be an unfortunate by product :P.
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