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Hey guys,

I really enjoy racing online at Class C car levels and my favorite to use is the Killerbee.

I was wondering if anyone who has all of the available upgrades for it (level 35+) can recommend their best car build to satisfy the Class C 175 max rating whilst having the car perform at its optimum speed during the race?

Looking forward to reading some responses!


Merhunes Dagon

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C class is max 164 as i know.

I'm not an expert but as I saw in online, some guys are putting a bit of armor (or the max) on killer be so they loose performance but they tune up their car so killerbee is heavier and has more hp, result in better acceleration (I didn't check in game but logically it should be) but slower in corner and stronger.
Or you can maybe remove all armor so your car is lighter but has less hp, result in slower acceleration but faster in corner and weaker.

And I think in online, a killerbee with full armor is better against these crazy stupid driver comming at 150mph in a corner without braking just to crash you into the wall, thing which i don't find it very funny to do in race even if it's wreckfest (Well this is another problem and my own advice :P) I love crash but not like this !

I have a question too, which car in C classe is the best between the killerbee and the killerbee S with 164pp?


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Killerbee S is this on 164pp, but i dont have normal killerbee