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Hey folks,

Going through the campaign and reaching the World Masters championship, I ran into several races with huge lap counts (8-10 laps per race). Predictably, these resulted in a pretty high mortality rate for the AI, especially when driving with Realistic Damage. Many times, it occurred that mid-way through the race, I remained the sole survivor of the event, yet I still had to complete all remaining laps.

Any chance of implementing a check for the Banger Racing and Team Race modes that would automatically finish the race, once only one player remains?

The issue doesn't seem to affect Elimination Race, obviously.


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Interesting idea, but currently you dont win unless you are on the lead lap and finish. Race results are finishing position>DNF>distance traveled. So its possible to still lose,even after everyone is DNF, if you DNF yourself and aren't leading the race.

Maybe a compromise solution would be to only make you complete 1 more lap as leader, after all cars are DNF'd?
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That would work for me as well. The point is that I don't want being forced to finish all the remaining laps - it just doesn't make sense to continue the event all by myself if the rest of the pack is a smoldering wreck on the side of the road. :)