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Hello all!

Basically I believe that Wreckfest has the right style/gameplay to suit to a style of dirt track car popular here in PA and other parts of the US/world. They're called "Sprint Cars". Some of you may have seen "midgets" which are these open-wheeled, wedge shaped cars, and sprint cars are very much alike, however they feature a large top wing, and a smaller wing on the front. You can find examples of said cars here - .

I think that these cars on oval dirt tracks would be an awesome addition to the game, and thanks for reading!


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I posted this in the modding section, but I am trying my hand at vehicle modding (I've already made a few ovals and released them on the Workshop, go check 'em out!). I love me some sprint cars! So I've started on one.

I have no idea if I will finish this, as I have no idea what I'm doing, haha, but I have at least gotten something to drive on the track (not too hard using the example files, but still, it's a start!). It's jaaahhhaannnkkkyy with a capital J, but still.

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Looks fun ;)
Also, if / when doing US cars, maybe a Nascar would be preferable? I see people asking for it all the time in various topics and in my mod(s), and while I do not have the skills or time to do it - maybe you would give it a go?


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I fully support any and all dirt ovals and dirt race cars of all styles in Wreckfest lol


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Sprint cars get thumbs up here, my local track is Lawrenceburg Speedway, Indiana. They also race on asphalt at other tracks

iRacing Eldora Speedway
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Hey u/Heddly, Port Royal/Lincoln/William's Grove PA send our regards!

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that'd like to see this happen!